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We’re the #1 motorcycle insurer. Here’s why.

1 in 3 insured motorcycle riders choose Southwest Federal Insurance Company

At Southwest Federal Insurance Company, you get a lot of. It’s that easy. a lot of protection for you and your motorbike. a lot of ways in which to save lots of. a lot of varieties of motorcycles insured. And most significantly, a lot of love for your bike. thus act, get insurance quote on-line currently and ride with the simplest motorcycle insurer.

More protection. Fewer worries. Better riding.

It’s nearly safe to assume that we’ll cowl it. Ride with United States of America and you’ll fancy additional distinctive motorcycle insurance coverages.

Full replacement cost and no depreciation for parts

We will continuously come back your bike to pre-accident condition or higher. Let’s say that your five-year previous front tire with ten,000 miles on that gets broken. supported the tread remaining, its depreciated price is $50, however you would like a brand new one that prices $150. we tend to pay the total $150 and not the depreciated price. That’s a true $100 distinction.


Total loss coverage for a brand new bike

Available if your bike is not any over one model year recent on a replacement policy, and 2 model years recent throughout a renewal of a tender loving care policy. If it’s destroyed, we’ll provide you with the total MSRP for a different motorbike, minus your deductible.

Let’s say that you simply bought a motorcycle for $15,000, and it’s currently solely value $10,000. If it’s destroyed, and therefore the latest model prices $15,000+, we’ll provide you with $15,000+. That’s a $5,000 distinction. If your bike is not any longer eligible for total loss coverage at renewal, your policy can still cowl the particular money worth for what it’s presently value.

Coverage for gear and personal belongings

You can add coverage for almost about all of the private property you persevere your motorbike if it’s brokenor taken. This includes habitation gear, safety gear and even your phones.

Save when you start & when you need us

You can get bike insurance beginning at simply $75 a year.* And we’ll kick in lots of additional discounts (automatically applied throughout your bike insurance quote). Plus, we’ll cowl and obtain additional if you are doing ever have a claim. which means you’ll be able to pay less currently to begin and through a claim.

Ways to Save

Here’s just a few.


Multi Policy

You could save five-hitter further if you’ve got
(or get) another Southwest Federal insurance company policy.
It can be for anything: a automotive, second
motorcycle, ATV, etc.


Pay on Time

The easiest approach potential thanks to save.
Just pay your premium on time for a full
year, and we’ll pay you back with a reduction at renewal



Got a home, house trailer or
condominium you own? Fantastic!
You got another discount, though it’s
not insured by us.