Car Insurance Coverages

From the basics to full coverage auto insurance

Getting protection here is easy: See specifically what is suggested for you—no additional and no less—with our car insurance expert. you would possibly simply notice that a package with each amount on the market(what some confer with as “full coverage insurance”) isn’t the most effective possibility. purchase solely what you wish, save on insurance and feel assured.

Check your work

Turn on the Coverage Checker® tool throughout your quote (especially if you produce a custom package) to focus on any areas wherever you would possibly have an excessive amount of or insufficient coverage.

Coverage for everyone on your policy


For: At-fault repairs & medical care

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability  coverage protects you if you cause associate degree accident; we have a tendency to purchase the opposite driver’s medical bills (passengers’ bills, too) and any harm. we have a tendency to even cowl legal fees if you’re sued (rare, however it happens).


For: Not-at-fault medical care

Uninsured/Underinsured Bodily Injury coverage protects you if you are in an accident caused by a driver WHO either has no insurance or simply not enough insurance. we have a tendency to acquire damages you incur, together with medical expenses and lost wages.

Coverage specifically for your vehicle

For: Any post-accident repairs

Collision coverage protects you if you get hit by, or hit, another vehicle; we have a tendency to buy your automobile repairs. you select a deductible Associate in that pay this portion to the store when an accident, and that we pay the remainder of the bill.

For: the other repairs

Comprehensive coverage protects you if your automobile is broken by one thing aside from a collision, like fireplace, vandalism, hail or flood; we have a tendency to buy repairs (after you pay the deductible). we have a tendency to conjointly cowl harm caused by touch Associate in Nursing animal and thieving (if your automobile gets stolen).

UNINSURED automobilist PROPERTY harm
For: Unpaid not-at-fault harm

Uninsured automobilist Property harm coverage protects you if you are in Associate in Nursing accident caused by a driver WHO does not have insurance; we have a tendency to pay to repair harm to your vehicle (after you pay the deductible).

For: Breakdowns

Roadside help coverage protects you if your automobile breaks down thanks to mechanical or electrical problems like a dead battery, a pneumatic tire, or a lock-out, or if you run out of gas. we have a tendency to buy towing services or edge facilitate.


For: Any post-accident medical care

This protects you if you’re in associate accident; we have a tendency to procure any medical aid you and your passengers receive. we have a tendency to additionally cowl if you get hit by a car whereas you’re walking or riding a bicycle. In some states, you would possibly additionally get Personal Injury Protection—it protects you constant manner.


For: Your car loan

Loan/Lease Payoff coverage, or gap insurance, protects you if your automobile is ever declared a completeloss; we have a tendency to pay to twenty five p.c over the particular money price towards the quantityyou owe the loaner.

For: Vet bills

This helps you get look after your dog or cat if it’s hurt in associate degree accident; we have a tendency topurchase vet bills. It’s enclosed together with your Collision coverage.

RENTAL compensation
For: A self-drive

This protects you if your automobile is being repaired as a part of a Comprehensive or Collision claim; we have a tendency to purchase up to thirty days of a rental.

CUSTOM elements price
For: Accessories

This protects you if things you increase your automobile get damaged; we have a tendency to pay to repair or replace them. we have a tendency to defend accessories like stereos and television instrumentality, navigation systems, phones, custom grilles and spoilers, and custom paint.