5 tips for RV’ing with dogs

Hitting the open road in a RV with your pet is a fun way to include your special furry family member in your vacation plans. According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, 61% of RV owners travel with their pets. When RV’ing with dogs, follow these five tips below to ensure that your pooch stays safe and has all the comforts of home.

1. Stay at a dog-friendly RV park or campground

For a stress-free vacation with your pup, do your research and reserve a dog-friendly RV park or campground. Not all RV parks and campgrounds are pet-friendly so call ahead and ask about their pet rules. If you plan to explore outdoor activities, research nearby hiking trails and park/recreation areas that welcome dogs.

2. Buckle up your dog while driving

Keep your furry companion safe by using a dog harness while riding inside the RV. Another option is to use a dog crate or pet travel carrier (for small dogs), but make sure the carrier or crate is secure and doesn’t slide around the RV while driving. A safety harness or crate prevents your dog from becoming injured in case of an accident and keeps him from distracting you while driving.

3. Bring along essential dog supplies

To make it easier while traveling, pack a separate bag for your dog and store the bag in a convenient spot inside the RV. Here is a list of essential pet items you’ll need on the road:

  • Non-spill travel water and food bowls
  • Leashes and collars
  • Water and food
  • Dog treats
  • Bedding and blankets
  • Favorite toys
  • Medications and a copy of your dog’s medical records
  • Cleaning supplies – in case of accidents
  • Doggy waste bags
  • Pet clothing – for cold weather travel

4. Keep your dog safe while exploring the outdoors

It’s natural that your curious canine will want to explore and sniff out his new surroundings, especially outside. When walking your dog outdoors, always keep him on a leash. Most RV parks and campgrounds have dog leash laws follow their pet rules and guidelines. If you hike with your dog or if your RV is located near water, supervise your dog at all times and make sure he remains safe.

5. Be a courteous and considerate dog owner

If you plan to stay a week or two at a campground or RV park, be courteous to your surrounding neighbors. Always pick up after your dog and make sure he uses the designated potty areas on the grounds. The last thing you want is a rowdy pup running all over the park and disturbing your RV neighbors. Keep him active by taking him on daily walks or visit nearby dog parks and recreation areas so he can run around and play.

source: https://www.progressive.com/lifelanes/adventure/five-tips-rving-dogs/